A new year evokes new feelings in all of us, hope, love, fear and so many others. we try so hard to forget the failures of the previous year and hold on to the victories.

Try not to hold yourself down with New Year’s resolutions unless they are looking far from impossible Don’t make promises that you can’t keep especially to yourself. This makes one anxious and unable to embrace the surprises that come with each year.

Each year turns a new leaf and now TSUNAMI OF HOPE brings you weekly themes! we will post a minimum of two poems each week on the theme.

This week is NEW YEARS Which we know you aren’t surprised.

join in on the fun! Post one as well , tag weekly themes and post the link in the comments.

cannot wait to see what you come up with!


Love through all pores

Tsunami of hope



Your life’s breath of fresh of air

We are an intergenerational community focused on the mind and the soul. We open every ajar mind and fill it with nourishment. This will make you see the word in neon, deliver a new perspective and carry you to the reversed altitude.

With every breath, we take in a lot of toxins; depression, loss, financial decline and so many others .At tsunami of hope , we release all these and take in pure air. Air full of love , light, truth and hope.

You are more than welcome to interact with us and contribute in any form be it an article. Comment what you want us to write about.



A Hoping Novice

Power is wholly colored with beauty 
But am torn apart
A citizen smitten with change yet none of the contenders are worthy
Finding myself tied up in the same “good news” of the past,
With a color shining as bright as the sun.
Peace prevails
But I breath to remember our lost souls
Tear at the irony of their deaths
Angered by the hypocritical statements made by those in power.
We have spoken, they have heard !
But as I said, their color shines so brightly like the sun.
Oppressing and hiding off the color of whatever effort we put in
Leaving us in suspense until the next change of term.
To experience the drama, laughter and hopefully not a tear but joy
To fully express our different voices,
In our sentimental state, let us breathe and stick to the mantra,

Doet 🌸


Oh my calm,
the safest place I can be in,
my emotions are tight,
I think right,
and in the end,
I'm full of might,
Oh my calm,
It lets me dress myself with honor
Keeping me from running the daily hour life race!
Putting me way ahead but definitely at my own pace

Oh my calm,
It lets me understand how unpredictable but cyclic
The lifestyle of my lass is
Saving me from the melodrama
Most guys are in

Oh my calm,
Such an idiot it makes me feel
Being attached to or holding a grudge
That literally makes no sense anymore
Putting me on the fence to let go
I’d definitely write all day about you
But I’am slide off to live you
Oh my calm
Here I come !
Doet 🌸


Clear under the sun 
Melodiously flowing
Till a cliff
Falling with integrity
Along the basin
Of my heart

Soothing my anxieties
Calming my storms
Halting my turmoil
Giving me hope

I haven’t written in a while but today I come full of hope ready to share it with everyone. Am so excited to be back

Love through all pores

Tsunami of hope

READY OR NOT -poetry

Ready or not 
the air is dim and the wind is balm
the aftermath is foggy unclear to the mind 
grave faces fill the globe
clocked with a fabric of fear 
independence is a myth 
as everyone is bolted indoors
demise rules the world
and chooses who to grip
in its vicious paws.

this poem is about the ''corona time'' 
love through all pores 
Tsunami of hope


The dark brown texture 
hides its shine
throwing mud all over its beauty

Only a few dig beneath the earth
to be memorized by its
that tears any eye that dares
to look straight at its surface

the smooth glow hides its iron reality
beauty hides its unrefined fierceness
that can crash all the steel minded
who try to block its view

No one listens to its shatter
as it is trampled by the passer by heel
that sees nothing but the
Dirt on its path

The diamond takes it upon itself
to stand directly into the sun's light
for its glorious interior to be noticed
by everyone to come and behold
the diamond in the dirt

Martina Busingye


The scorching sun 
The heavy down pour
The sudden switch in seasons
From “I love you” to “I hate you”
Not only changes our dress code
But also the way that we live
Only those who anticipate it
Get the art right
Whether yellow,blue,green or red
They are always a step ahead of us
Like in a chase game

And oh!! Sadly for those who live for one season
Get shot down when the green weather
Is replaced by red or blue
It all starts with anticipation ....
Or the ricochet is inevitable



After war comes
mute silence
the musical guns cease
nothing moves 
everything out of place

Heartbeats take a turn
footsteps are lighter

let no one hear you
there could be one bomber left
ready to blow your brains out

Warm up round the fire
The only shelter you will get
is the shade you hold with


welcome to


Some nights Are darker than others With fewer stars To light up the sky Some nights Are colder than others With no place To call home Some nights Are longer than others Where the hours Move at sloth speed Some nights Are quieter than others Even the crickets Are deep asleep

A Hoping Novice

Power is wholly colored with beauty But am torn apartA citizen smitten with change yet none of the contenders are worthy Finding myself tied up in the same “good news” of the past,With a color shining as bright as the sun.Peace prevailsBut I breath to remember our lost souls Tear at the irony of theirContinue reading “A Hoping Novice”

Week four: politics

Hello dear readers Tsunami of hope greets you in your fourth week of 2021 . As we all know all over the world , there has been a lot of political tension with elections and coups So we bring you poems and articles on politics and power . Hope you enjoy Love through all poresContinue reading “Week four: politics”


I bury my soul on these pages

to put this out raw

without marinating my words

screams fill the atmosphere

but the ozone layer prevents their spread

vanquished by the pain

afflicted by those they love

those who vowed to cherish them

for better for worse

as I join the screams

I will not snap my fingers

my words will make their own beat

au revoir human tambourines

the drummers have a price to pay

for all the marks

left on your epidermis

emancipation will commence with you

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