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The dark brown texture hides its shine throwing mud all over its beauty Only a few dig beneath the earth to be memorized by its Radiance that tears any eye that dares to look straight at its surface the smooth glow hides its iron reality beauty hides its unrefined fierceness that can crash all theContinue reading “DIAMOND IN THE DIRT”


The scorching sun The heavy down pourThe sudden switch in seasons From “I love you” to “I hate you”Not only changes our dress codeBut also the way that we live Only those who anticipate it Get the art rightWhether yellow,blue,green or redThey are always a step ahead of usLike in a chase game And oh!!Continue reading “ANTICIPATE”


After war comes mute silence the musical guns cease nothing moves everything out of place Heartbeats take a turn footsteps are lighter ssssssssh! let no one hear you there could be one bomber left ready to blow your brains out Warm up round the fire The only shelter you will get is the shade youContinue reading “SILENCE”


Your life’s breath of fresh of air We are an intergenerational blog focused on the mind and the soul. We open every ajar mind and fill it with nourishment. This will make you see the word in neon, deliver a new perspective and carry you to the reversed altitude. With every breath, we take inContinue reading “TSUNAMI OF HOPE”

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